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Health policy Research Center
Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics Group

About the Group
In 2012, Health Policy Research Center (HPRC) created Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety Group to facilitate a wide range of activities related to the use and outcomes of drugs, addressed from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. The research program is directed at several pharmaceutical, epidemiological, therapeutic, and policy aspects of chronic drug use. We follow-up on interesting and timely safety issues on an broad range of drugs, such as for example anti-viral and anti-neoplasm drugs, Antidiabetic drugs, lipid-lowering agents, antipsychotic drugs, or antihypertensive.

Our mission:
The mission is to bring together the various specialties of Pharmaceutical Sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics, health services research, health policy and the social sciences to evaluate the effectiveness of existing and new prescription drugs in relation to their risks and safety; to study how drugs are used by physicians, patients and follow up by pharmacists; and to develop methods to optimize and utilized prescription drug use.

Our vision:
Our vision is to improve public health by enhancing the safety of marketed drugs through the development and application of Pharmacoepidemiology, drug safety and Pharmacovigilance research and to provide education on approaches to identify, assess, manage and minimize risk.

Strategic Goals
Develop and assess new methods for population-based monitoring of drugs Foster collaborations with public and private stakeholders, including academia, government, industry, advocacy and consulting groups, through a culture of cooperation and critical review Provide graduate and continuing professional education on Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety
Expand the pool of experts in Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety research
through the training of new researchers Disseminate new approaches to drug safety and risk management to inform policy and practice

Research Interests
A Critical Evaluation of National and Local Pharma Data Record
Conducts observational research using large and medical databases data (electronic medical records)
Population-based studies of drug treatment, drug prescription and pharmacoeconomy survey
Drug use in a population screening: Pharmacoepidemiological
Improving Pharmacovigilance and the Role of the Pharmacist. Epidemiology of drug exposure and adverse drug reactions
Evidence-based medicine/pharmacy
Prevention of medication errors and drug misuse/abuse
Pharmaceutical policy and administration
Clinical Trial

Research Projects
Analysis of Antibiotic Prescription in Fars Province (Iran) from 2000 to 2009 over Eight Years
Analysis of Corticosteroids Prescription in Fars Province (Iran) from 2002 to 2010
Evaluation of Drug Interaction Prescription in Fars Province (Iran) between 2000 and 2009
Pharmacistsۥ (pharmacy doctor)’ knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding adverse drug reaction reporting in Shiraz, Iran (Pharmacoepidemiology Report)
General Practitioner’ knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding adverse drug reaction reporting in Shiraz, Iran. (Pharmacoepidemiology Report)
Randomized clinical trial on HCV non-responder patients
Pharmacoepidemiological survey on HCV Patients drug History

Faculty and Staff
Payam Peymani Payam Peymani,
Pharm.D, MPhil, PhD of Pharmacology (Pharmacoepidemiology)
Assistant Professor of Health policy Research Center
Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics Group
Health policy Research Center, School of Medicine,
Shiraz, Iran, Postal code: 7134853185.
E-mail: Peymanip@sums.ac.ir,
payam_peymani@yahoo.com, Peymani.payam@gmail.com
Phone: +98-711-230-9615
Fax: +98-711-230-9615

Contact Address:
Health policy Research Center, Building No 2, Eighth Floor, School of Medicine, Zand Avenue, Shiraz, Iran, Postal code: 7134853185.
Tel/Fax: +9807112309615
E-mail: Peymani.payam@gmail.com, payam_peymani@yahoo.com, peymanip@sums.ac.ir



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تاریخ برگزاری
13-15 دیماه 1396
مهلت ارسال مقالات
15 شهريور 1396
31 شهريور 1396
30 مهر 1396
تمدید مهلت ارسال مقالات
7 آبان 1396
اعلام نتایج داوری
1 آذر 1396


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تلفن :4-88220772-021
دفتر پشتیبانی شماره 2: تهران - میدان انقلاب - ابتدای کارگر شمالی - کوچه رستم پلاک 20 - واحد 1
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شیراز خیابان زند ،جنب استانداری دانشکده پزشکی، ساختمان شماره 2 ،طبقه 8 ،مرکز تحقیقات سیاست گذاری سلامت
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